The process starts with an initial meeting at the project site.  The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other, identify the scope of work, and identify your project goals.  The process is different for everyone.  Some people know exactly what they want while others don’t know where to begin.

If we decide that we want to work together, I will write a proposal for the project.  This proposal is in contract form and outlines the scope of work discussed at our initial meeting and will give an estimate of my fees for the project.  If this proposal meets with your approval, you sign one copy and send it back to me.  Receipt of a signed proposal reserves a space on my schedule. 

When it is time to begin work on the project, I will schedule an appointment to come out and measure your residence.  The size and type of your project will determine how much of your house I will need to measure. 

Following the measure, I will design a few different options.  I will always show an option which is exactly what you’ve asked for as well as what I recommend.  Usually these design options will show floor plans and exterior elevations and will represent options with a range of budgets.

At this point we will go back and forth with the design until you are happy with the solution.  Once we have settled on a design, if required, I will prepare it and present it to the engineer.  The engineer will write a proposal for you.  If you accept the proposal, the engineer will mark up my drawings and provide us with a stamped set of calculations for the project.  I then incorporate this structural information into the drawing set.

Concurrent to the engineering, I will work with you to further develop the project, creating cabinetry designs and selecting finishes as required.

Once the drawing set is complete, I will take the documents to the permit center and obtain the required building permits.

During construction, I will make myself available to you and your contractor to address any issues as they arise.